Can I configure the Firewall? The Firewall is pre-configured, and no options are available within the SiteLock Panel to manage... Can I use a single SiteLock Order for multiple domain names? No. A single SiteLock Order can be used for only a single domain name. Hence, separate SiteLock... Can the SiteLock Panel be accessed directly through a URL? There is no way to access the SiteLock Panel directly through any URL. It can only be accessed... How can I set up CDN for my website? You need to add a CNAME record to a sub-domain ( to redirect to SiteLock's CDN.... How do I configure SiteLock for my website? SiteLock is a cloud-based service and does not require any installation. Once provisioned for... How is traffic routed back to the website after going through the Firewall? You are required to specify the IP address of your website in the SiteLock Panel so that after... How will I know what changes SMART made to the website / What happens if the website breaks after SMART removed some code? SiteLock provides a month's worth of change logs for your website. You can always restore the... I recently signed up for SiteLock and noticed that I am getting some empty submissions from some of the forms on my web site (Contact us, etc.) SiteLock probes your site to determine if fields and forms on your site are vulnerable to... In case a site is infected, will the TrustSeal display threat notification to the visitors on site? If a scan fails, site visitors will not be alerted to any problem. The TrustSeal will simply... Is there a Money Back Guarantee for SiteLock Orders? We are not offering any Money Back Guarantee for SiteLock Orders. What different types of scan are available? Available types of scan include: Daily Malware Scan Daily FTP Scanning Website Application... What if SiteLock has incorrectly highlighted legitimate code as vulnerable / malicious? It might be happen that certain code on the website looks vulnerable but it is still doing what... What is Deep 360-Degree Site Scan? Deep 360-Degree Site Scan checks all files susceptible to threats, including .css files, .js... What is Reputation Monitoring? SiteLock's Reputation Monitoring consists of the following components: Search Engine... What is SMART? Secure Malware Alert and Removal Tool (SMART), if enabled, performs an in-depth site scan and... What is SiteLock badge or TrustSeal? SiteLock badge or TrustSeal is a image that can be displayed on your website to assure users that... What is SiteLock? SiteLock is a cloud-based, website security solution for small businesses. It works as an early... What is a Content Delivery Network (CDN) ? A Content Delivery Network is a set of servers, spread across the world that cache your website.... What is the purpose of Business Verification? Business verification is a service offered by SiteLock where it verifies the phone number and... What is the purpose of Domain Verification? The purpose of this verification is to ensure that the user indeed owns and controls the website.... What products is SiteLock compatible with? SiteLock is compatible with all types of hosting purchased either from Exclusivity LLC or elsewhere. What steps need to taken on receiving a threat alert? If receiving a threat alert, login to the SiteLock Panel and view the details of the threat.... What type of a Firewall is offered by SiteLock and how to set it up? SiteLock offers a basic firewall to help block bot traffic which may harm the website. On logging... Why will an SSL certificate not suffice? An SSL certificate is used only to encrypt a connection between the browser and server to safely... Will SiteLock's Firewall block bots of search engines also? Search engines use spiders to crawl and index websites. SiteLock's Firewall can distinguish good...
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